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In these great times

In these great times which I knew when they were this small; which will become
small again, provided they have time left for it; and which, because in the realm of
organic growth no such transformation is possible, we had better call fat times and, truly
hard times as well; in these times in which things are happening that could not be
imagined and in which what can no longer be imagined must happen, for if one could
imagine it, it would not happen; in these serious times which have died laughing at the
thought that they might become serious; which surprised by their own tragedy, are
reaching for diversion and, catching themselves redhanded, are groping for words; in
these loud times which boom with the horrible symphony of actions which produce reports
and reports which produce actions; in these times you should not expect any words of my
own from me - none but these words which barely manage to prevent silence from being

Karl Krause.
Quoted by Fredric Jameson in Late Marxism